The official Vyral merchandise is brought to you by the Spoonshop, powered by Spoontech Records. Vyral is the musical project founded by Moos Schwerdfeger in 2013. Moos started producing at the age of 16 and managed to quickly get a high qualitative and innovative sound. With a big passion for the classic and industrial Hardstyle sound, he combines touchy melodies with slamming kicks and creates unique vibes with every track, giving you that Vyral flavor. Moos believes diversity is key, from dark to uplifting, from old school to futuristic, whatever he does always comes from within and stays true to himself.

Fast forward to 2016 as Vyral was approached by Spoontech Records which immediately decided to sign him. His first release on the label was  ‘Proliferation‘ on The Punch Patrol II album, which also resulted in his first booking as being part of “The Punch Patrol” act at Bass Protocol – End Of Days. During 2017 Moos was busy producing five solo tracks divided into two EP’s, “Gripless” & “Evolve / The Nexus”. On top of these solo releases the young producer also released collaborations with The Purge (“The Shadow Council”) and Infirium (“Principles of Life”).

An intense start to the project called Vyral is an understatement, the 21 year old has already performed at events such as: QAPITAL, Fatality Outdoor Festival, Loudness, Decibel Outdoor Festival & We Are Hardstyle. Vyral merchandise, powered by Spoontech Records.